Breeders of Minature, Medium and Standard Labradoodles

Additional Doodes

These are Doodes that we have either as stored semen, resting on the sideline
or as future Daddies
Off The Edge Balau   Australian Labradoodle  ALF2
Hips  3+3     Medium
Off The Edge Donevan    Australian Labradoodle  ALF 3
Camden Valley Oscar     Miniature Poodle 
La Maison Finnegan   Australian Labradoodle  ALF2
La Maison Gizmo  Australian Labradoodle  ALF1p
Alpen Ridge Scottish Highlander 
                  Australian Labradoodle         ALF3
Amalie Pinch of Spice  
                                Australian Labradoodle    ALF3
Hepburn Park Reggie          Spoodle
Hips 2+2  Standard
Cider Fields Barney
                  Australian Labradoodle   ALF1
Hips 5+7    Miniature
Hips 2+2   Standard
Hips  4+4    Medium
Hips  1+1    Medium
Hips 6+8    Minature
Hips  .44  .39   Small Medium
Hips 4+2  Small Medium