Breeders of Minature, Medium and Standard Labradoodles

Who is La Maison Labradoodles?
La Maison Labradoodles is made up of a family team of Charmaine and Jack on a small farm consisting of Lucerne flats and sheep. We work together, rearing the labradoodle babies and taking care of the mums and dads. We are both “hands on” in all areas, however Charmaine specializes in the breeding and daily care of our labradoodle family. If you call during the day you will most likely talk to Charmaine who is always willing to discuss our labradoodles with knowledge and enthusiasm.

La Maison Labradoodles are not just a number to us! Everyone has a name and we know all their personalities and we love caring for our dogs and raising our puppies. People often ask about our facilities. None of our dogs live in small cages, and our puppies - once big enough - live in an outdoor “playground” where they get to breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunshine and can run and play.

At La Maison Labradoodles we do - and always have - adopted a natural approach with our dogs. We believe that dogs should be allowed to live outdoors and be able to run around at their leisure, and not be kennelled for 23 hours per day. They are fed an all natural diet that includes raw meat, grated raw vegetables, and an all natural supplement of vitamins and minerals. . Our dogs live in a 3 acre park style garden and spend lazy days asleep on our verandahs; we handle every dog daily and know the personalities of all of our girls and boys.

At La Maison Labradoodles we are there when every baby is born as they are born in our home, and like human babies, puppies are often born during the night. We are with our girls regardless of the time. It's always exciting when we are expecting new babies, as I (Charmaine) have experience as a Vet Nurse, I am able to ensure that mums have no complications and all babies are comfortable and feeding well.

La Maison Labradoodles offer a health guarantee with all puppies as all our girls and boys have passed their health test prior to breeding. All our puppies leave us with their Veterinary requirements completed.
La Maison Labradoodles we have been developing both Parti and Phantom genes and have the strong chocolate colours with a lovely soft wool coat developed at La Maison Labradoodles. Their super soft coat feels just like a chenille blanket and is unbelievably easy to maintain.
La Maison Labradoodles are a joy to train and so eager to please. Our dogs are full of life and that endearing bouncy playfulness that says "sit down and let me entertain you". They love people (kids especially) and wrestling with all their doodle friends. They are great with their natural gentleness around little puppies and toddlers. They are smart, intuitive, obedient, friendly, and a fun and joyful dog to have around.


BIN  000838923
ALA  0146-12